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Google GDrive & Lighthouse March 7, 2006

Posted by Thomas in General, Tech & Science.

An interesting article up at ZDNet on the “Web 2.0 Explorer” blog about some Google powerpoint deck that accidentally left in some notes and comments that was quickly taken down by Google.

If this GDrive service is for real, it could be interesting, though current internet connection speds seem too slow today for mass adoption. I like that OneCare makes it easier for people to back up their data online, though I know that’s nothing new. It’s a step though.

However, what I don’t get, is why would anyone trust their data to a 3rd party like Google or Microsoft. Yahoo’s actions, resulting the jailing of a chinese citizen, don’t give me much reason to trust these large companies with my data.

If there’s some kind of encryption on the data that allows me to set the password or key on my local machine, the data is encrypted and then transmitted to a remote server, where it is encrypted and unreadable/unsearchable by the storage provider, I might be more interested.

More details will be helpful here.



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