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Outlook 2007 ruins emails January 12, 2007

Posted by Thomas in Tech & Science.

As someone who works in the marketing industry, it was devastating to read about Microsoft’s monumentally ridiculous decision to cripple thier email functionality in Outlook 2007.

Email as a marketing medium is a tricky business. Spam and viruses are still rampant and conveying meaningful information is difficult with images/stylesheets being blocked in most email clients these days.

Sure, maybe email should go back to plain text, but then why not revert everything on the internet back to how it was in 1994? Progress is good, and even though email was abused, there are still benefits to sending a richly-designed email message to convey important information.

This MUST be fixed. A storm of discontent and anger must be unleashed upon Microsoft in order to convince them to find a different solution.

I understand the reasoning for disabling javascript. And blocking background images to prevent web beacons from announcing someone’s presence is understandable. But reverting to pre-IE5 quality rendering and box-models is just unimaginably stupid.

As a participant in the Office 12 Beta, I sent in numerous bug reports about these various rendering issues, thinking it was just a bug. Apparently not.

Don’t do this Microsoft. Please find another way to solve these issues with out destroying the progress that was made in web rendering over the past decade.

Look at the negative feedback from the community. Check out the newsgroup microsoft.public.word.mail and search for CSS for a sampling of the frustration this is brewing.

Hopefully some louder voices will be added to the mix. Where’s Scoble? How about Jensen Harris? We need influential people to start making a stir over this so that it gets Microsoft’s attention and they are forced to resolve this.



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